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Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

[n o t i t l e]

Ped - Ern [suckseed]

The Song That I Didn't Compose 

this song might not melodious as other song..
but for me, this song is full of meaning..
in every note and word that is written..
from the smile you gave...
guided the pen to communicate the feeling..
into melody that rhymes with my emotions..
do you know how i did it? it's all because of you..

this song you're listening to right now..
i didn't compose it..
do you know? i don't dare do it, oh darling ...
do you know who composed this song?
remember always..

that person is you...

toom yoo nai jai

This is the melody of the past between us
Whenever I hear it, the more I think about the old days
However long it’s been, this song is still ours
I still have the beat in my heart

However the songs of love that you’ve sang have been
Days that you’re lonely, whose song will you miss?
Since we separated, how are you today?
I want to know

When the clock is never lazy
Its hands turn and time makes everything change
But I still have all the good memories

I still have only you, just the same, and that’ll never change
I still have only you, just the same, and it’ll never change
The more empty my time is, in my heart, the more I long for you
I still have our song lyrics from yesterday
Whenever I hear them, my heart is still like this
The time has passed for so long, for years
But this song is still the beat in my heart

The days that your dreams don’t follow your heart
When everything’s chaos, wrong, and falling apart
At least I’m still happy
That I once had you

Even if we haven’t seen each other in years
This song is still the beat in my heart

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